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Fads Through the Ages

March 18, 2010

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Well, in honor of the one of the greatest fads of our time, the Internet, I am taking a quick look at some fads that never should’ve gone away, and some that never should’ve happened. I blame the Government.

Slap Bracelets: Very popular in the early 90’s, and if it wasn’t for this stupid “watch” epidemic, we’d still be rockin out to the best quick smile makers. Just walk up to someone looking a little ticked/down and slap one of these fools on them, boom, instant happiness.

Ugg Boots for Guys: aka Cartoon Feet. I didn’t even know such an atrocity was possible, but what do ya know. I was walking out of Starbucks in Missouri and boom, hit with a big flash of oh-no-there-go-my-eggos.

Tye-Die: There is the occasion where a faded looking one can be fly, but for the most part it looks like you slipped into some rainbow vomit. Just say no kids.

The Macarena: How dare you give us a dance that I and my other rhythmically challenged compadres can actually do, and then turn it into a mockery? Where is Dos Los Rios now? Who will feed their children? Ah yes, every DJ at a Jr high dance for the rest of eternity.

Bowl Cuts: aka Spaghetti Heads. I had one, you had one, your mom had one. Stop hating.

Dr. Martins: I’m sure they’re “sooo comfortable”, but that dude lost his degree years ago, you’re better off with Dr. Phil, nay, Dr. Pepper.

Al Gore: He’s smart, he’s boring, he’s lame, he’s cool, he’s funny? Make up your mind America.

Tickle Me Elmo: aka Future Creepo’s of America. Seriously, are we really preparing our children for the real world? Yes, if they’re going to be on Dateline NBC.

Pogs: I said it once and I’ll say it again. BRING ‘EM BACK!!

Trapper Keepers: Just so dang practical. Judges ruling…..awesome.

Skinny Jeans: Dear All Things Good in This World, Please help us. Love, Tyler



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